To celebrate and encourage sexual wellness and pleasure and redefine what it means to be a contemporary, progressive adult store.


Opened in 2005, Sexessories is a female-owned and operated adult boutique in Parksville, British Columbia leading the way in selection by providing the highest quality, most innovative adult pleasure products available on today’s market.

At Sexessories we take pride in our product knowledge and continuously strive to stay current and educated in a wide variety of sexual wellness and pleasure topics so we can offer the unparalleled customer service that has made us the top destination adult store on Vancouver Island.

It's all about making our customers comfortable and we guarantee discreet consultations on a wide variety of topics, from menopausal changes and ED to sexuality and pleasure, for all gender identities and orientations in a fun and friendly atmosphere.


A picture of Sheila the owner of Sexessories, an adult store in Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island - she is at the beach

Owner of Sexessories Adult Boutique in Parksville, Vancouver Island, BC

Although Sheila had a successful career in finance, she increasingly felt unsatisfied with the lack of deeper, meaningful interactions that her profession offered.

In 1995 by lucky happenstance, Sheila was introduced to someone in the adult toy industry and began working shortly thereafter as a salesperson and home party representative. She found her passion and for the past 26 years has worked in this field, and opened her own store in 2005.

Sheila felt adult stores needed a shakeup and that she was just the person to do it! Since the beginning she has worked to break down adult store stereotypes by providing practical, informed consultations and quality, innovative products. Sheila now has over two decades of experience selecting products to enhance intimacy and pleasure for people of all identities and sexual orientations and is ecstatic to be offering some in her new online store.

She has two adult children and resides in the beautiful sea-side town of Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia where she actively participates in Breast Cancer awareness and the survivorship dragon boat community.

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